Grow Your Own Fresh Herbs

Grow Your Own Fresh Herbs

Have you ever wanted to spend more time working in the garden, but weren’t quite sure what to plant and how to make sure it didn’t go to waste? If you want to improve your green thumb and want to be able to use what you grow, you should try starting an herb garden. Fresh herbs have many different uses. You can use herbs in medicine, cooking, and even as gifts. Don’t be fooled by the fact that most herb plants don’t grow flowers.

You can still have a full-fledged garden when you work with herbs. Go to your local nursery to pick up the different seeds you’ll need. Make sure you have a good spot in your yard with nutritious soil to plant your seeds. Then water them regularly and watch them grow. You can be the master of your own herb garden that’s beautiful and useful.

Fresh Oregano

Oregano is one of those herbs that can be used in almost everything you cook. Oregano fresh or dried is great for adding flavor and texture to a dish. Typically used in pastas and even seafood dishes, oregano gives your food a fresh, earthy taste. Try adding oregano to your garden.

Fresh Parsley

Typically used as a garnish, parsley is one of those herbs that you see on your plate at a restaurant to make it look nicer. However, many people do like the taste of sage. Sage is said to help whiten your teeth, freshen your breath, and even help your eyelashes grow according to some myths.

Fresh Sage

Sage is a rare herb that won’t be found in every kitchen. Stemming from Mediterranean roots, sage is normally used for medicinal and culinary uses. One of the great things about sage is that it looks beautiful in a garden as well as in a kitchen. Plant sage in your garden.

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